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Welcome to Aclipt

These terms and conditions of subscriptions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Aclipt's subscription services.



- Subscriptions page or subscriptions tab references Aclipt's website page that is used to manage professional aclipt users' subscriptions. It can be found at https://aclipt.com/pro/subscription. This page is only accessible by professional users because it's a personal page.
- Stripe, Inc., below referenced as Stripe, is a partner company that manages online financial transactions. Their privacy terms can be found at https://stripe.com/en-fr/privacy.
Currently our online financial systems uses Stripe in order to bill, invoice, and manage subscriptions, for our clients, so by using Aclipt you also agree to our partners' Terms of service and their Privacy Policies. -Free tier or Aclipt Free or Free subscription references to the free professional accounts, which are unsubscribed, or accounts which have cancelled their paid subscriptions.
-Standard tier or Aclipt Standard or Standard subscription references to the professional accounts' subscriptions which pay 16.99eur monthly.
-Pro tier or Pro Standard or Pro subscription references to the professional accounts' subscriptions which pay 36.99eur monthly.

About subscriptions

Professional users of Aclipt have the option to create paid subscriptions in order to gain more features for their profiles such as unlocking automated SMS notifications for themselves and their clients, possibility for simultaneous bookings for the same hour, having more services, having more profile content such as pictures, and showing higher on search results.
Please note that all features have security caps or limits, even those marked as unlimited. This is because we think that in theory, even a power user shouldn't need to reach those limits. A user who believes those security caps must be higher can send us an email with their request at dev@aclipt.com and we will consider increasing it.
Subscriptions are managed online, through Aclipt's website.
For any questions related to billing or any troubleshooting please send us an email to contact@aclipt.com.

Creating subscriptions

By subscribing, you authorize Aclipt, Inc. to send instructions (through our partners at Stripe, Inc.) to the financial institution that issued your card to take payments from your card account in accordance with our terms of my agreement with you. If you subscribe to a service you give us your permission to initiate a series of payments from your bank. Currently we bill monthly, on a recurring basis until cancelled. When you make a new subscription, an initial payment for one month happens immediately. When you subscribe to a paid subscription, you also activate the SMS Option, which is a metered subscription. SMS Option is used to track each SMS that is automatically sent to you or to your clients (people that have booked appointments with you), and at the next bill you get, it will add the number of SMS used and bill you for 0.07 eur per each SMS. By default the SMS Notifications option is turned off, but you can turn it on from your Profile Pro's index tab.

Changing subscriptions

If you subscribe to a paid subscription and before it ends switch to a different paid subscription, prorations should be automatically calculated so that your new subscription is billed for only the amount of days remaining in the billing period. The prorations should automatically calculate the remaining or unused time of your previous subscription and apply either reductions or increase in the price, depending on in you have upgraded or downgraded your subscriptions.

Cancelling subscriptions

Professional members of Aclipt with paid subscriptions can cancel their subscriptions online from their subscriptions page. To do so, simply select 'Aclipt Free' from the dropdown menu in the Manage Subscriptions section, and continue with the steps. You can also do that by pressing 'Select' on the 'Aclipt Free' section of that page and continuing. When your subscription is cancelled you will see a dialog open up on that page telling you that your subscription is indeed cancelled, similar to the dialog that appears when you create or modify a subscription.
Once you cancel your subscription, your billing cycles will no longer be renewed with us unless if you select 'Revert cancellation' from the Subscriptions tab or select a paid subscription and proceed with reverting the cancellation.
Once you cancel your subscription, you will get billed for any outstanding SMS usage fees you may have. Depending on the cases, at the end of the last billing cycle after a paid subscription cancellation, prorations may apply.
Aclipt's professional users that have active paid subscriptions must make sure that if they plan on deleting their Aclipt profile, to first cancel their ongoing paid subscriptions, and only delete their Aclipt profiles once their subscriptions are no longer active because you need an Aclipt profile to manage your subscriptions. Once you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to enjoy your subscription effects until its effective ending date.

Billing & Invoices

Billing occurs on a monthly basis until cancelled. You should receive your invoices every time you are billed, in the form of email, to the email you had specified in your Profile Pro's Index tab during your subscription. You are billed for the flat fee of your subscription, and if you have selected the SMS notification option, which allows SMS notifications for you and your clients (people who book appointments with you through Aclipt), you will also be billed per SMS automatically used in your regard, for you and/or for your clients. Currently SMS fees cost 0.07 eur per SMS. The SMS Option is by default turned off, but you can turn it on from your Profile Pro's index tab.